Been wanting to make a retro games emulator console for a while - but knew a standard arcade cabinet would't really fly in this rather minimally-furnished household.

But after getting my hands on a Raspberry Pi 2 - and seeing the wonderful RetroPie distro for getting emulators up and running - I realised I could make something quite small, and started formulating plans for something more subtle - and collecting bits and pieces to use in it.

Much stuff is recycled - eg the speakers had a dead PCB - renewed with a £3 amplifier. The monitor had a cracked casing - so stripped it out. Otherwise, most cables etc were surplus; the main expense being the controls and the keyboard encoder - and, of course, the wood - used iroko to give it a mid-century teak look.

Nearly came unstuck with the design since the viewing angle of the LCD was so poor... but then found a suggestion to turn it upside down - transformed. Bending over it is not ideal for long periods, but there is an external HDMI port to divert it to the TV - and the controllers remove - for sofa use.

More comments by each pic.

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