This commission was for a small bedroom, which only really had room for one other piece of furniture - the aim therefore to make it work hard. The client had the initial idea of a dressing table with some hanging storage; which I then refined into the final design.

Having the sides and top open make it look less dominating in a small room. The hanging rail is a steel rod held within the top of the frame - to keep the design simple rather than the extra fittings needed for a normal rail.

The table top is angled since it will be placed near the door - the less sharp corner makes it less likely to catch when passing... at the expense of some fiddly joinery on the frame - the long rails meet the legs at 15 degree mortise and tenons.

Drawers are deliberately simple - just dovetailed boxes on wooden runners - to keep the craft/natural feel of it, which I felt would be lost a bit with fancy system runners.

The piece knocks down into the three main parts for transport.

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