Garden project invoving a lot of wood - almost a kilometer running length!

The deck is yellow balau - the step is closer to the original colour, whereas the horizontal surfaces are fading after some sunny months (pigmented treatment can delay this but opted not to as it tends to be opaque and mask the wood grain). Fixed down with Kreg deck screws - a nice system that screws in from the edges almost invisbly.

Screens are western red cedar - a very oily, durable lightweight wood that weathers well - although a vertical surface like this hopefully retains colour longer. Made an assembly jig to build each section - made to fit to the fence posts to be removed/altered if required.

The shed is just for storage - as such I was going to just buy one, but they seem surprisingly expensive - so made this one from stock pressure treated shiplap. Managed to do some recycling, albeit unseen - the base is paving slabs, and the floor and roof are decking, from the previous garden.

I had help with some of the heavier work - levelling and fence posts (stock concrete posts begind the panels) - and the raised bed, made from conrete block and render.

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