Bed frame in oak - required quickly so went with a fairly simple design. So not much real joinery as such since it has to be disassembleable - instead, a lot of screws involved.

The curved corner pieces were most fiddly - each is machined out of one piece of wood via a medley of tools - drill, bandsaw, router, chisel, hand saw. Then held together with pocket hole screws - despite being denigrated by many woodworkers, I am a big fan of the pocket hole jig and often use it for joints that aren't seen.

Tapered legs also an interesting task without a lathe. Made a jig to hold them in position in a taper jig - making small rotations make processively smaller slices on the table saw - then hand sanded.

Slats reclaimed from some old shelving and both slot and screw into the side and centre supports.

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