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I miss 1980s-style hifi systems with flashing lights, various knobs etc, so decided to make one that looked/worked exactly as I wanted. This is actually my second model - the first one came a couple of years ago - I learned what not to DIY, and also since then now have a CNC router which made some parts easier and better.

The black finish is a bit more 80s than the previous walnut; but the defining feature is the 2 VFD displays which although look a bit like OLEDs have a nicer retro glow.

The CNC was a big help for this - the parts had to be very accurately aligned, so it was used to drill out the support frame, the base and rear panel, and the aluminium fascia.

Main points, for the geeks:

  • Inside: Raspberry Pi 3, running Mopidy
  • Audio via Behringer UCA202 USB interface and TPA3116 amp
  • Main display is a Futaba 256x64 VFD, the analyzer is an off-the-shelf VFD unit
  • Equalizer is software, reading the sliders from MCP3008 ADCs
  • Panel is 2mm anodised aluminium, cut and engraved by CNC

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