Picked up some prints a while ago in Japan with the hope of making them into something... but they are actually plastic document folders that don't look that great on a flat surface and so need background illumination, which I didn't have any ideas for at the time.

Fast forward a few years and I discovered (affordable) LED panels so rustled up a design. Wanting to make it as traditional-looking as possible, I went with an asanoha kumiko pattern, cut from plywood on the CNC (I'm not skilled/patient enough to do actual kumiko work!).

Ideally this would be made from a more Japanese-looking timber, eg a cedar or cypress with a distinctive, straight grain, for the frame - but the best I had to hand was Iroko which looks quite nice. The visible joinery is doweled mortise and tenon, but the back is pocket screwed on and the assembly itself fairly straightforward.

More details on the build log @ https://imgur.com/a/lQRXarC

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