The garage door was a trial run for this new double-glazed front door, made from Iroko. My first big external project and wasn't quite sure where to start; many thanks to user Trevanion on the UK Workshop forum for sharing some profiles and pointing me in the right direction on weatherseals etc.

Turns out that making a door from scratch presents many problems to solve; particularly the frame, which - including a side panel - was a more complex joinery task that I had realised. Highlights include:

  • Letterbox - custom made from stainless steel plate, springs, hinges
  • Sloping the threshold (given there is no sill)
  • Drawbore mortice & tenons for the door itself, to keep it tight and in shape
  • Fixing of strips to door & frame; various methods tried, settled on using the Kreg deck jig and lost-head screws to make them largely invisible
  • Making the glass relatively-easily removable, for (occasional) cleaning - since the front can't be easily cleaned
  • Planning/sourcing/fitting hardware, particularly the multipoint lock

Finished in danish oil - it will get an extra coat of UV oil once the wood has settled a little.

Comments under each picture - this is also part of a larger entrance hall remodel, including an additional inside door, also pictured. Also a few work-in-progress pics.

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